and Predicatability

Price per Hour

Price of First Consultation: €80*

Price/Hour: Price per work hour may be €100, €125 or €150, depending on task complexity and specialization and experience level of the intervening lawyer.

In exceptional cases, price/hour can be set below or above the minimum and maximum mentioned limits.

*When applicable, VAT at the current legal rate is added.

Fees Policy

At MEC, fees are determined in function of time spent handling each subject.

After the first consultation, a fee proposal is presented to the Customer, in which applicable price/hour is determined and execution time is predicted. Charging price per work hour may vary with task complexity and specialization level of the intervening lawyer. Regarding the estimate of spent time, generally it is not possible to determine it thoroughly. Therefore, the fee proposal relies in an interval between the minimum and maximum number of hours we will spend. This way, the Customer can be properly informed about the maximum cost to bear with our intervention.

Invoicing Policy

According to the above mentioned fees policy, our invoices include details about each performed task, time spend on its execution and its cost. This way, the Customer may check the course of his/her problem solving.

Except for specific cases, we do not request provisions to our Customers. On the other hand, we opt for monthly invoicing, charging each month the work performed in previous month.

Certifications, Signature verification and Document authentication

Photocopy Certication €15*
Signature Verification €20*
Signature Verification with Special Mentions €22*
Document Authentication €50*

* Price per each document.